Free Consultation

Up to 10 Minutes with appointment only. If goes over 10 Minutes there have minimum fees of $150.00 will be cover up to 30 Minutes. This booking is meant to serve as a introduction to answer the general questions to get a better understanding of specific needs and see if our firm is a good fit for you. This meeting will also give you a chance to learn about our firm, our services, and how we can create value for you. We may not able to elaborate on spacific questions due to time constraints.


Paid Consultation

Up to 30 Minutes $150.00. This is a detailed discussion that will answer any questions you have. This may include a follow-up email advice as well if needed. If goes over 30 minutes the consultation fee is very and Income tax filing fee is totaly seperate from the consultation fee. 

Payment Methods : Cash or Zelle using phone number 9172166706